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I’m back, and I want to be creative again. The key of life for me is to stay true to myself. To whom and what I am.


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So, the first book being written is a supergeeky theoretic book on photography. It’ll be suitable for people who are into photography or perhaps art history/theory. It’ll be dealing with the concept of truth and how we percieve and understand it in photography. Most people will most likely find it extremely boring. 😀

Research for supergeeky book on photography.

There are many benefits being a photographer and have studied art history focusing on theory/method on photography. That gives a multitude of perspectives on the same subject, not to mention a very wide range or knowledge that expands both parts of the coin, so to speak. It’s amazing.

That is one of my goals with this book; to widen the knowledge with the reader. It’ll be tons of theory, but also lots of knowledge on the practical part of photography. This will increase your understanding on why and how you read/percieve/understand photographs in a certain way.

I want this book to be really good. That’s why I decided not only to write down my own thoughts on the matter, but also to add my thoughts on some of the authors I’ve read in my art history studies. Not everything is focused specifically on photography – there are other aspects that are very important in this as well.

So why do I think this book should be written, at all? There are many reasons for that. Partly; because I want to write it. I find this subject extremely interesting. But then; I am quite interested in philosophy, especially combined with art. I might even take up studies in aesthetics at some point, no matter if in distance studies or just for me, personally.

But there’s another reason for this as well. We live in a time where photography is described as truth. Photographs are brought out of context and presented as something they were never meant to be. I really do believe that we, people as a group, need to get better at understanding this and know how and why we percieve and understand things.

Either way; the book will be written, and it is not up to me how you read and understand it, or what reasons you have for reading it in the first place. I just hope that you get something out of it – hopefully enough to spread the word.


Oh, and hey – please buy me a cup of tea while you’re at it.
I’ll be needing huge amounts of tea for this book to be written. 😀

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