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I’m back, and I want to be creative again. The key of life for me is to stay true to myself. To whom and what I am.


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There are so many pieces on that needs to function properly. Since I’m not made of money, I have to take it step by step. The first step was to purchase software to create flipbooks out of my already existing and yet-to-be-written e-books.

The first book to be published here on Key of life, is my very personal book the Self which wasn’t mine (hashtag #TSWWM). There are a few things I need to fix in the translation before I publish it, so I think it’ll be out in a week or so. Then, I have a couple of other books to be released as well.

As for books after that; they need to be written first. šŸ˜€

But there are other things to be done. For example; recent events in Sweden concerning sexwork has turned my liberal heart into flames. The patronizing and attempts to act as a saving angel has turned the entire socity into a boiling pot of self-righteousness. So I figure I should perhaps create my first issue of the Key-zine (digital magazine/newsletter) with sexwork as topic.

To clarify; I do not sell sex myself. That’s not something I’m interested in. But I know people who do – willingly. The general idea in Sweden is that sexwork is performed by people who are mentally and emotionally wounded, who abuse and cannot take care of themselves. While this may be partly true, it is by no means true for every sexworker there is.

I would like to offer a more nuanced addition to the public conversation on sexwork. I’m not naive; I do understand that if I do this, I may very well be hated, people will be disgusted, and most likely, I’ll have to take a lot of crap for it. But I think I’ll have to do it anyway.

I am liberal in my political views, and it actually does piss me off that the Swedish social democratic, not to mention feministic ideas, think that they are doing good when in reality they are more destructive. The patronizing mentality we have here is repulsive.

I think the most important thing for me when it comes to this, is to look for a shift in attitude towards sexwork. It seems like the problem is more moral than anything else, and I really can’t see why. Sexwork has been around since the dawn of time, it’s not very likely we’ll get rid of it. I think it’s more important to make sure it’s safe for everyone involved, than put even more shame, stigma and danger into the pot. But this cannot be done until people start looking at it differently. Changing the view of sexwork, but also – the view of the people performing it.

Stay tuned – we’ll see what happens with this! =)


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