Sonya Malinka Persson | selfportrait


I’m back! 🙂


I’m back, and I want to be creative again. The key of life for me is to stay true to myself. To whom and what I am.


Follow me on the journey – and if you like what I do, I appreciate it if you share my work, or support me in whichever way you can.



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I’m such an introvert, even on social media. I’m much more of the lurking kind than the social person.

I like to keep things together rather than spreading time, energy and focus on different sites. That’s why you’ll find most of my content here.

I use social media to share what’s happening here, and social media is where I’ll be keeping any conversation that may arise.

I’m not very active on Instagram at all, but I’ll do my best to document what I’m doing over there. Feel free to follow me on both IG and Facebook. 🙂

Sonya Malinka Persson | selfportrait

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