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I’m back! 🙂


I’m back, and I want to be creative again. The key of life for me is to stay true to myself. To whom and what I am.


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Back in the days when I was still able to work, I used to be a portrait- and wedding photographer. That was awesome – until it became boring. These days, I prefer to work in projects when it comes to photography. And I choose to only do projects that matter to me in one way or the other.


I was about 11 years old the first time I photographed something and realized the result was actually very good. Then it took me about ten years for the next peak of interest in photography. I was about 22 or so, when I joined the photography club of the student’s organization I was in. That’s also when I began studying photography for american photographer Frank Watson.

Photography is much more to me, than an art form. There’s always a front and a back to something, and then everything inbetween. Photography is the act of photographing, just as much as it is percieving and interpretting it. The theoretical knowledge about it can be used in so many other ways – I like to think of it as spiritual knowledge just as it is the theory of photography.

Not everyone needs to be as geeky as I am about this. 😀 But I am, and I like it.

So I’ve been working as a portrait- and wedding photographer. I’ve also exhibited some of my work. What I intend to do here is yet to be discovered. I know I am going to work on some projects I’ve been wanting to do for years. I’ll also be writing at least one book about one theoretical aspect of analyzing photography (übergeeky stuff).

The thing I consider being the most important thing when it comes to photography, is the seeing. If we cannot see a photograph before it’s taken, we end up with some really boring shit. That’s why I’ll (in time – please be patient) create some material that’ll help you see the world in new ways, and through that, you’ll become a better photographer.

Oh, and I should say this. The way I see and photograph is so not-commercial as it can be. I’ve tried for many years, but it’s just not happening for me. Eventually, I grew tired of trying, so now I do it my way. It’s a take it or leave it situtation. 🙂


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