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I’m back! 🙂


I’m back, and I want to be creative again. The key of life for me is to stay true to myself. To whom and what I am.


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the Self which wasn't mine

the Self which wasn’t mine

This is a deeply personal book. It takes you through some of my experiences as a child trying to make sense of the two opposites of parents I had to deal with.

I can tell you beforehand that this is not the kind of book you expect. It’s poetic in some ways. It’s rough and raw in other ways. In many ways, it’s a punch into solar plexus.


#TSWWM #selfexploring #emotionalabuse #emotionalblackmail #childhood #personalgrowth #bipolardisorder #visualpoetry #selfexpression #lifelessons #spiritualgrowth #selfknowledge

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